Anarchy & Society: Reflections on Anarchist Sociology

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Jeff Shantz, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Dana M. Williams, Valdosta State University, GA

Anarchy & Society explores the many ways in which the discipline of Sociology and the philosophy of anarchism are compatible. The book constructs possible parameters for a future ‘anarchist sociology’, by a sociological exposition of major anarchist thinkers (including Kropotkin, Proudhon, Landauer, Goldman, and Ward), as well as an anarchist interrogation of key sociological concepts (including social norms, inequality, and social movements). Sociology and anarchism share many common interests—although often interpreting each in divergent ways—including community, solidarity, feminism, crime and restorative justice, and social domination. The synthesis proposed by Anarchy & Society is reflexive, critical, and strongly anchored in both traditions.


All interested in activist, radical, utopian, or prefigurative sociology, and all interested in sociologically-oriented anarchist theory.

Table of contents


Plain Words: An Introduction to Anarchy and a Challenge to Society

1: Defining an Anarchist Sociology: A Long Anticipated Marriage

2: Rethinking Community, Anarchy, and Sociology

3: Colin Ward’s Sociological Anarchy

4: The Personal is Political: Emma Goldman and Feminist Sociology

5: Proudhon and Criminology

6: An Anarchist View of Stratification, Inequality, and Domination

7: Violating Norms, Re-socializing Society

8: Problems of Research on Radicals (or Anarchist Movement Epistemology)

Postscript: Anarchists in the Academy Bibliography Index

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