A Creative Passion: Anarchism and Culture

NEW! Now available from Cambridge Scholars Press From the book... Table of Contents (see below) Foreword Introduction Index Jeff edited this exciting collection of new essays from various authors whose chapters examine anarchism and dada, Wole Soyinka's anarchism, eco-anarchy and critiques of capitalist civilization, DIY anarcho-punk assaults on corporate culture industries, and anarchism and drama.

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ix Acknowledgments

xiii Introduction

1.Poetic License: Hugo Ball, the Anarchist Avant-garde, and Us [Roger Farr]

2.The Failure of Civilization From an Anarcho-Primitivist Perspective [Max Lieberman]

3.Anarchic Resistance and Bureaucratic Appeal: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and Literary Approaches to Environmental Defense [Liam Nesson]

4.Beyond Socialist Realism: Anarchism and Glocal Concerns in the Poetry of Wole Soyinka Jeff Shantz 5.All our ‘ists’ and ‘isms’ are nothing”: Anarchist Ideology in Punk Music [Mark Wetherington]

6.The Punks of Pirate Bay: An Anarcho-Analysis of File-sharing Websites [Bryan L. Jones]

7.“I would like to think that Refusal is worth making”: The Future of New Punk in SLC Punk [Jessica Williams]

8.Direct Actin’: A Sketch of Anarchism and Drama [Jeff Shantz]