Collected Works

A Creative Passion: Anarchism and Culture

NEW! Now available from Cambridge Scholars Press From the book... Table of Contents (see below) Foreword Introduction Index Jeff edited this exciting collection of new essays from various authors whose chapters examine anarchism and dada, Wole Soyinka's anarchism, eco-anarchy and critiques of capitalist civilization, DIY anarcho-punk assaults on corporate culture industries, and anarchism and drama.

or, here's the whole book as a pdf:

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Racism and Borders: Representation, Repression, Resistance

Now available from ALGORA Publishing....
(also $19.95 from
Despite claims about globalization, we see increasing surveillance, tightened restrictions and growing punitive regimes at international borders.

This critical collection examines processes of racialization in relation to border regulations and restrictions. It analyses border controls, racism, and representations of race, within multinational contexts as aspects of neo-liberal governance. It also looks at means by which people resist or challenge racialization.

This collection uses the lenses of sociology, criminology, art, literary criticism and political science to critically examine varied processes of racialization, criminalization and resistance in relation to borders with reference to multi-national contexts in the current period.

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